Booming Market Highlights Importance of Commercial Property Management

According to a recent Dallas Morning News report, the DFW area is now the nation’s hottest commercial real estate market. The region had more than $9 billion in property transactions during the first half of 2020 alone. That’s more than either New York or LA. 

The feat is even more impressive considering those deals were made during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now that case numbers appear to be heading in the right direction, the market is expected to continue trending upwards.

A variety of factors have made Dallas/Fort Worth particularly attractive to investors. Low taxes, relatively cheap land, and a climate conducive to business continues to draw people from all corners of the country.  Now that the secret is out even more investors will be scouring the area searching for their ideal property.

Despite the competition, there will still be plenty of deals to find. However, in a fiercely competitive market like DFW, it’s important to have local expertise on your side. That’s where the value of a good property management company comes into play.  It’s what often makes the difference between rolling the dice and making a sound, informed decision.

LINC Commercial Realty has the Dallas Fort Worth area expertise to help your business grow.  Its team of professionals has rightfully earned a reputation as a group who knows how to deliver for clients and get results. Whether you are looking to add to your portfolio or seeking someone to manage your property, they know what it takes to succeed in one of the nation’s most competitive markets. Contact LINC today and learn how they can help with your business needs.