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Commercial Real Estate Investment
and acquisition services

Making It Possible For Investors Of All Types To Invest In Commercial Real Estate In DFW

Our inclusive consulting is suitable for investors of all types

  • We develop targeted retailer lists utilizing our networking relationships
  • LiNC assists from start to finish throughout the acquisition process, including closing and post-closing transition.
  • We employ a wide variety of investment strategies for all classes of assets to achieve the maximum ROI

Investment Services and Guidance

LiNC realty is an all-inclusive CRE consulting service for all types of property investors. We use our quality networking relationships to create highly targeted retailer lists for clients. And our reps provide start-to-end assistance for the entire acquisition process, including closings and post-closing transitions.


Commercial property investors in North Texas who partner with LiNC Realty get to make well-informed decisions with total confidence. That includes all CRE types, whether closing deals on smaller units or large-scale multi-million-dollar real estate transactions.


We market your commercial properties to an extensive pool of potential buyers, investors, developers, 1031 exchange buyers, local and regional users.

Why Invest in DFW Commercial Real Estate?

The 2022 Colliers Global Capital Markets Investor Outlook has encouraging data for CRE investors in North Texas. The Americas Survey Results predict we’re in for another record year of property investment in Dallas during 2022 and beyond. The findings are based on 300+ global investors and in-depth discussions with regional capital markets leaders.

According to the survey results, around 87% of investors are optimistic about the US economic outlook. The top three sectors that interest most CRE investors are Industrial & Logistics (67%), Multifamily / BTR (53%), and Office (45%) [1].

The Outlook for dfw commercial real estate

Dallas, Texas, is currently the #1 location to invest in the US. One-third of surveyed participants said they intend to invest in Dallas’ industrial and logistics assets. Contractors are rushing to find construction workers and source materials to keep up with the growing demand for new DFW commercial property.

Why Dallas Continues to Grow

Dallas-Ft. Worth has a booming commercial real estate market, but there’s no mystery behind this explosive North Texas growth.

Much of this results from accelerated online shopping fueled by the two-year-long Covid-19 pandemic. The increased demand for products meant retailers needed larger storage facilities and warehouses closer to customers. And the extra, localized warehouse space holds more inventory and risks less disruption in supply chains.

the return of US manufacturing

Many US manufacturers moved overseas where the operational and layout costs were considerably lower. But now—according to the Thomas Industrial Survey Report—some manufacturing businesses are coming home to the US. Around 83% of those surveyed showed a significant interest in reshoring, at least in part [2].

Many US manufacturers realize that operating out of the Far East and other parts of Asia was not a good long-term strategy. Systemic flaws include dysfunctional supply chains, insufficient production capacity, insane bureaucracy, and unpredictable environments [3].

Now some US producers want their products closer to American consumers, hence the increase in demand for industrial facilities, and where better than in Dallas-Fort Worth. DWF’s excellent infrastructure and centralized location make it ideal for serving customers across the US.


Developers continue to be bullish in Dallas-Fort Worth, with 2.7 million sq. ft. of industrial space already delivered. As a result, DFW now accounts for a staggering 12% of all US industrial construction projects [4].

While CRE prices continue to rise, so does the demand for expert commercial real estate investing guidance. There are several contributing factors, such as low-interest rates and resilient real estate fundamentals. There’s also abundant capital and growing demand for all types of CRE across the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex [5].

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What Goes into Expert Commercial Real Estate Research?

What makes a business owner or franchisee successful in the dynamic DFW property market? The answer is location, location, location. And expert commercial real estate research is how owners, franchisees, and investors gain crucial insight; through comprehensive market reports and analysis. Even better, having subject matter experts conduct this research empowers you to make better-informed [...]

Najdi Rafaty - Commercial Real Estate Investment Advisor

Najdi Rafaty

Founder & Broker

As the Managing Principal of LINC Commercial Realty, Najdi has extensive experience in site planning, site selection, acquisitions & dispositions, broker valuations, risk, and due diligence analysis.

Juris Doctor (JD) from Western State University College of Law and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Business from California State University, Fullerton.

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Crystal Renyer - Commercial Real Estate Investment Advisor

Crystal Renyer

Associate at LiNC Commercial Realty

A licensed realtor with a diverse career background spanning 19+ years in sales, accounting, and banking. Skilled at relationship-building and extensive experience collaborating with clients and networking partners.

Bachelor of Science (B.A.) in Psychology – Cum Laude honors from the University of Texas at Dallas.

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