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Diligence and Attention to Detail – A Commercial Property Management Company You Can Rely On

LiNC takes Dallas/DFW commercial properties management seriously, treating your investments as our own. We assume full responsibility for the success of property owners and tenant satisfaction. As a boutique company, we provide a hands-on, human touch that larger players can’t match. This, on top of annual tenant surveys, allow us to keep an active pulse on how your lessees feel.

Excellent customer service, follow-ups and extremely resourceful. Professional and personable. Highly recommend.

Ronita Bowser

LINC is an awesome company with amazing professionals that care about your bottom line. Amazing team led by Najdi Rafaty.

Fred Ballard

All my concerns were gone after we started working with LINC. The level of professionalism and support was amazing.

Hugo & Inacio


LiNC is a well-established Dallas-based commercial property management company. We’re a boutique, women-led enterprise with 15 years of hands-on experience serving clients in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. Our expert team has unrivaled knowledge of local markets and strong relationships with professionals in the industry. Our team offers a more personalized, attentive service that fosters closer working relationships with our clients.

LiNC brokerage services in North Texas, specialize in local property management for out-of-town and out-of-state CRE investors.

24/7 Monitored Maintenance Requests

We handle the headaches, so you don’t have to. Our 24/7 commercial property management service monitors maintenance requests and repairs, offering real peace of mind for our partners.

Specialized Accounting and Financial Reporting

Our specialized, dedicated accounting experts address your financial operations and obligations in great detail. This service allows you to maximize profitability on your CRE investments. And our accounting professionals create customized, highly accurate reporting that helps improve your overall asset management.

Strategic Budgeting and Business Plan Development

LiNC offers clients in-house strategic budgeting and business plan development services. Combined, they form a strategic blueprint for short and long-term projections, often with milestones to mark and track CRE achievements. Our team develops plans to achieve goals, while budgeting looks at the money needed to support them.

In-House Lease Administration and Detailed Lease Abstracting

LiNC advisory services for investors help you achieve the full value of your commercial real estate assets at property or portfolio levels. Our outstanding advisory team has extensive working knowledge of CRE investments opportunities and property management for the entire Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

We tailor our unique investor advisory services to match each client’s asset makeup. That typically includes a blend of detailed analysis, strategic testing, and monitoring. We help you reduce risks, increase investment value, and manage your CRE with less stress and more confidence.

Tenant Relationship FOSTERING

The LiNC leasing team understands the significance of cultivating long-term tenant relationships. Good relations are the foundation for producing attractive yields and long-term stability. Moreover, we act as a liaison whenever there are disputes between tenants and property owners to reach the best outcomes for all parties.

Monthly Tenant Check-In

We prepare a formal, unbiased property inventory and schedule of conditions before new tenants move into your property. Your LiNC representative meets new tenants to hand over keys and anything else that pertains to the new tenancy.

Valuable Vendor Alliance

The relationship between CRE and supporting vendors is a critical one. We introduce property owners and tenants to trusted vendor partners for security, signage, IT services, and other vital property-related goods or services.

Construction Management Supervision

We coordinate a full range of construction management supervision projects. Typical services include:

  • Budget development
  • Budget management
  • Pre-construction planning
  • Construction & contract supervision
  • Project close-out services (final phase)

Property Marketing as Requested

Our professional team of property marketers will successfully promote your CRE as requested. We have extended experience developing promotional strategies for advertising, public relations, branding, and positioning. LiNC drives your message to the target audience, whether it’s a new development or resale.

Project Leasing, Available Through Our Brokerage Division

LiNC’s brokerage division has in-depth local knowledge and wide-ranging experience for North Texas project leasing. Our full service markets your property for lease and negotiates the agreed terms with new tenants or for lease renewals. We represent the owner’s best interests, always striving to secure the most favorable terms.

Annual Tenant Surveys Ensure You Hear Your Tenant’s Voices

Knowing what tenants think offers invaluable insight for landlords. LiNC annual tenant surveys are an excellent way to track satisfaction levels. Property owners get to act on these simple studies based on survey results. Keeping renters happy is the best way to build lasting relationships and reduce the risk of losing your lessee(s).

On-Boarding Services for New Ownership in the Event of Disposition

LiNC leads the way as a subject matter expert (SME) in DFW in the event of disposition. We deliver strategic, collaborative, and seamless onboarding processes with minimal disruption. And our complete services ensure you have a strong foundation in place for future operations.

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