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Aligning Business and Operational Objectives to Budget, Growth Goals, Suitable Property, and A+ Locations

Geographic Goals + Desired Occupancy + Linc’s Superior Market Knowledge = A+ Location

Drawing from real estate knowledge and location intelligence, LiNC Realty helps businesses find their ideal location. We use demographic studies, traffic and location analysis, search engine demands, and per-capita spending trends to help educate our clients on the most desirable areas in the DFW metroplex. We then facilitate communication between the property owners or landlords to help negotiate the real estate’s best value.

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Commercial Tenant Representation Services Overview

full commercial tenant representation services dallas

Full Commercial Tenant Representation

LiNC is your single source services provider for commercial real estate in Dallas. Our in-house brokerage services handle all aspects of your CRE transactions under one roof. Let our dedicated team of experts walk you through the entire property transaction process.

demographic studies for commercial tenant representation services

Thorough Demographic Studies

LiNC experts use demographic studies to help find the ideal location. For instance, we may break down larger areas into smaller sub-areas, comparing them using critical demographic variables. Examples are current populations, expected population growth, age groups, median household income, and more.

traffic and location analysis for commercial real estate

Traffic & Location Analysis

We know how critical quality demographic data is for making educated decisions. LiNC derives its road traffic, foot traffic, and location analysis from location intelligence. This data helps understand how people and street vehicles move around and interact within a particular location.


Commercial Lease Agreement Negotiation

LiNC’s experts strive to meet all your tenant representational needs, guaranteeing landlord and tenant satisfaction using our commercial lease agreement negotiation skills. We represent landlords and occupiers of office, retail, industrial, multifamily, hotel, and special purpose lease properties.


Purchasing Habits Search/Search Engine Demands


Weekly Per Capita Spending

Top Commercial Real Estate Professionals In North Texas

LiNC is a professional tenant rep broker with widespread knowledge of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex property markets. Our highly-accomplished team has years of experience finding ideal lease spaces for clients.

Our expertise in tenant and landlord representation, plus acquisitions and dispositions, is second to none. We’re specialists in negotiating the best lease terms possible on your behalf. That includes new contracts, rent renewals, sublease, expansion, and whatever else you may need

LiNC – A Women-owned CRE Firm

LiNC’s founder and principal broker, Najdi Rafaty, is a highly accomplished CRE professional whose experience spans over 15 years. Najdi has an outstanding record of accomplishment, closing significant transactions in highly competitive markets that range in value to over $134 million.

Moreover, Najdi has extensive experience advising some of America’s largest CRE owners on acquisitions, dispositions, and due diligence. She was recently nominated for D CEO’s 2022 Commercial Real Estate Awards for the category ‘CRE Executive of the Year’.

Commercial Tenant Representation Services for Niche Industries

LiNC’s commercial tenant representation services are wide-ranging and far-reaching. We know the importance of aligning business and operational objectives to budget, growth goals, suitable property, and A+ locations. LiNC also specializes in niche industries, i.e., clients with specific property and locational needs.

commercial tenant representation services dallas


LiNC serves clients in North Texas looking for A+ franchise locations. We are your trusted CRE broker for liaising with franchise partners on network expansion in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. We shortlist well-researched areas and targeted locations that meet your franchisor’s criteria.

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Our healthcare tenant representation helps streamline your real estate decision-making process, whether that’s a single-unit or multi-unit facility. LiNC’s research looks at visibility, access, and convenience. Other factors vital for securing the right property and location include competitive profiling, structured lease negotiation, and anything else specific to your healthcare operations.

commercial tenant representation services for industrial companies


LiNC specializes in all areas of tenant representation, including industrial real estate. We have superior market knowledge and a valuable network of CRE relationships in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. Our reps know how to create leverage based on current market conditions and tenant demands. LiNC understands your objectives, specific needs, competitors, and how to negotiate to your best advantage.

commercial tenant representation services for ecommerce companies in dfw


LiNC offers tenant representation and innovative property solutions to meet eCommerce demands. If you’re a part of the supply chain, you need to consider logistics, storage, distribution, packaging, shipping, and future expansion. LiNC can help your source A+ locations and negotiate lease contracts for properties near cities or out-of-town for sales departments, warehouse spaces, and prime distribution centers.

retail commercial tenant representation services


Our retail tenant reps have in-depth knowledge of the latest North Texas market trends. Thus, we’re strategically positioned to assist with all your retail property needs. LiNC can help you locate and negotiate the ideal commercial retail space in A+ locations. We work one-on-one with retailer clients, always with your best interests at the front and center. Contact us to learn more about LiNC’s unique retail tenant advisory services.

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Specialized Locations

Our reps know how to create leverage based on current market conditions and tenant demands. LiNC understands your objectives, specific needs, competitors, and how to negotiate to your best advantage.