Congrats to KB Investment Group, the Newest Owner of Land in Sachse, TX!

We’re so pleased to congratulate our friend Dr. Hardy of KB Investment Group on purchasing this excellent tract of land in the heart of Sachse!

Recently Sold Property Along Hwy 78 in Sachse, TX

We spoke to Dr. Hardy to see what exciting plans are in store for this prime piece of real estate. Here’s what he had to say:

LINC: What are your plans for the land (what type of structure do you plan to build, what type of businesses do you envision there)

Dr. Hardy: We plan to have a retail shopping center which will have a very modern and contemporary feel to it. We are open to having national chain restaurants/ coffee shops/ juice bars etc, Also open to businesses geared toward kids – education, sports, etc

LINC: What is your projected timeline? Dr. Hardy: Next 2-3 years

LINC: What do you like about Sachse, and having a business here?

Dr. Hardy: Sachse has a great community of people living here. They are brand loyal and smart about where they spend their monies. It is also a great place to raise kids as the school district is excellent. Lots of new homes getting built and very few spots of good land remains.

We know whatever ends up being built here is in good hands and we wish him the very best of luck from the LINC Commercial Realty family!