COVID Can’t Stop Prosper Gardens Office Park

Not even COVID-19 could stop development in Prosper. Construction continues unabated at the new Prosper Gardens Office Park on Prosper Trail near Coit Road. Najdi Rafaty of Linc Commercial Realty, which is overseeing unit sales and rentals, says that tenant feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Everybody seems to be very pleased and surprised with how quickly we have come to this point,” she said.

According to owner and developer Mike Fazeli, his team recognized back in March the need to create a working environment that met the need of the new normal. That meant that each suite at the new office park has its own separate entrance as opposed to one in a common area.

Some tenants will also have the opportunity to select additional amenities like germ-killing ultraviolet lighting, specialized cleaning services, and transparent doors that allow people to determine if the occupant is exhibiting signs of the virus. While these may seem like small measures, he says that a lot of time was spent researching them.

“Regardless of when a vaccine for COVID-19 is created and distributed, he believes that going forward “there’s going to be some level of people just being more aware of the virus’ impact and bacterial issues and health” at office buildings,” Fazel said in a recent interview with the Prosper Press.

According to a recent poll published by the National Safety Council, 74 percent of responders now expect their work areas to be regularly cleaned while another 60 percent want options for maintaining social distancing of at least six feet away from each other while on the job. The innovative layout of Proper Gardens Office Park should comfortably allow them to do both.

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