Commercial Landlord Representation

Helping DFW Commercial Property Owners And CRE Investors Unlock And Maximize The Full Potential Of Their Assets

The Linc Approach To Landloard Representation

Our systematic approach to landlord representation is highly focused, based on reliable data and thorough research. We go above and beyond to tailor unique leasing plans that define the highest and best tenant mix objectives. Moreover, our commitment to excellence lays the solid groundwork for staging your CRE in the most lucrative position to attract the best, most suited tenants.

  • Develop a leasing plan for the highest best tenant mix objectives
  • Develop targeted retailer lists utilizing our networking relationships
  • Launch initiatives to bring prospects to the property
  • Use our expertise to successfully negotiate and lease your property

Our Commercial Leasing Process

1. Landlord goals

Define highest & best tenant mix objectives

2. Obtain and analyze area demographics

  • Number of Households
  • Median Income
  • Traffic count
  • Consumer demand
  • Competitive mapping
  • Retail landscape

3. Formulate leasing plan

4. Use Effective Negotiation Techniques to Successfully Secure Tenant

  • LOI (Letter of Intent)
  • Lease negotiations
  • Executions

5. Creative Marketing Materials that Showcase the Center’s Value

6. Develop Targeted Retailer Lists

Leveraging out extensive relationships

The LiNC Suite of Landlord Advisory Services

Product/Brand Positioning

Positioning strategies ensure your commercial property appears in front of your target audience. Our proven approaches will attract the most suitable tenants to your real estate. Our advisors work closely with you to identify your audience. And our CRE branding helps to coherently express your property’s identity, vision, and unique value to potential lessees.

Develop Marketing Strategies

LiNC understands how effective standout marketing is for exposing property in the right place (where), at the right time (when). Our brokers strive to deliver your real estate to the largest number of suitable tenants in the shortest time. We create our successful campaigns based on comparative market analysis (CMA) and client expectations.

Financial Analysis

LiNC’s experts produce detailed, highly accurate financial property analysis reports. We gather statistical data and use market trends to project future potential and offer recommendations. Our financial, real estate analysis is an incredible tool for seeing how a property stacks up to the competition and making well-informed decisions.

Target Marketing

Effective targeted marketing is about the quality of your audience, not the quantity. Our reps use critical market segmentation and several variables to define a target audience. We then plan and execute successful marketing campaigns to reach the most approachable group(s).

Tenant Prospecting & Canvassing

LiNC professionals are adept at prospecting and canvassing qualifying tenants for landlord clients. We focus our prospecting efforts on highly targeted areas. Your rep will employ various cold and warm canvassing methods that exploit our vast tenant network.

Thoughtfully Negotiated Leases

LiNC’s landlord representation thoughtfully negotiates leases with prospective tenants. We work to seal the most favorable terms for both parties. That typically includes rental agreements, security deposits, and other concessions written into the final deal.

Tenant Retention Strategies

Satisfied tenants enable us to secure optimal lease agreements and rents for landlords. It’s why our professionals advise landlords on healthy tenant relationships that ultimately improve renter retention.

Construction Management

Our qualified construction management services help North Texas landlords undergoing various construction developments. LiNC representatives oversee expansions, build-outs, interior tenant improvements, and other building projects.

Property Management

Our experienced property managers care for your commercial real estate like we own it. And our hands-on detail-oriented approach ensures we exceed expectations when handling landlord/tenant needs. LiNC’s popular property management services help maximize rental incomes and minimize expenses.

Other Commercial Landlord Advisory Services

We also oversee client land acquisitions and disposition assignments for owners. We market CRE to our extensive network of potential purchasers, new investors, and regional developers. We also serve 1031 exchange buyers.

Our landlord representation services are wide-ranging and flexible. And our decades of consulting experience make us the perfect partner for North Texas commercial landlords.

LiNC’s commercial real estate brokers are proud to work one-on-one with local and regional owners in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. Contact us to learn more about our dedicated team of seasoned professionals and complete range of advisory services.