LiNC Commercial Realty Helps Sheesh Eatery & Lounge Debut

Sheesh Owner Ali with LiNC CEO Najdi

Sheesh Eatery & Lounge recently debuted in The Colony, opening their commercial realty location at 4707 State Highway 121. The eatery and lounge concept focuses on combining delectable Indo-Pak (Indian/Pakistani) lite bites and hookah lounge area.

LiNC oversaw the commercial real estate listings of the property, seeking an ideal tenant that would fit and bolster the neighborhood. LiNC Commercial Realty founder and CEO, Najdi Rafaty, oversaw the process. Our research on the location found notable restaurants, stores, and popular entertainment venues in the neighborhood, making it an ideal, high-traffic location for the right type of business. 

Further commercial realty research found that neighborhood demographics comprise a growing and diverse population with ample disposable income spent in the area’s stores, restaurants, and entertainment locations. We knew we had a unique location that would be the perfect commercial real estate location for a specific type of tenant looking to tap into this exciting neighborhood population.

Sheesh Eatery & Lounge was the right type of business to take advantage of the location. They offer a lesser found cuisine and fantastic lounge atmosphere to appeal to an audience that’s looking for a unique evening experience and welcome difference from the standard North Texas night out entertainment fare. “We were able to quickly come to a deal that should benefit all parties involved for the foreseeable future,” Rafaty said. 

“Visitors are going to be extremely impressed with the special place that Ali has put together.” And reviews of Sheesh concur, noting its amazing atmosphere, music, and overall vibe. Ali and staff provide a warm, welcoming space with an attention to detail to make your Sheesh experience unforgettable.

It’s a pleasure as North Texas commercial realty advisors to find the perfect tenant for a space. We strive in every real estate engagement to find the right occupant for the right space by ensuring we have a firm understanding of the locale and what type of business will be successful at the location. 

LiNC Commercial Realty is a rapidly growing Dallas-based firm specializing in commercial transactions and property management. If you have a commercial property to list or are looking for the right property for your business, contact LiNC to help you find the right business and location match.