LINC Speaks at Share Study Club

The LINC Team had the honor of sponsoring and speaking at the Share Study Club, a medical study group dinner, on October 11th at the Hyatt House in Frisco!

You may be wondering what a group of medical professionals and commercial real estate brokerage have in common? We are glad you asked!

LINC works closely with many medical professionals to assist them with finding them the perfect space for their practice; whether it is a brand new business and they are looking to open their first practice or they have a flourishing business that has outgrown their current space, or they are expanding by opening a new location. LINC has the tools and the experience to narrow down the options until we find their ideal space.

A very wise option which many medial professionals take advantage of, is to own the building that their practice is in, and lease out the other spaces to tenants. We highly encourage this and are there every step of the way to guide them through the purchase process, as well as leasing out the rest of the space to top-notch tenants.


Zac Carelock, Commercial Real Estate Advisor for LINC Commercial Realty, shares exciting upcoming projects with the Share Study Club dinner attendees.

We also wanted to be sure to educate them on the full spectrum of services we offer, such as consulting, in addition to tenant representation, landlord representation, acquisitions and dispositions. Many professionals, though not focusing on it solely, do have commercial real estate investment properties that may or may not currently be as lucrative as they once were, or may not being handled effectively to get the most out of their investment. This is where LINC comes in to offer expert guidance so our clients can be sure it is still a good fit and is being maximized to the fullest potential.

All of us at LINC would like to thank the Share Study Club for the warm welcome, it was a great evening and we hope to do it again soon!