LINC Welcomes Row House to its Newest Location in McKinney, TX!

These days there are more ways than you can imagine to get in shape, and we are certainly grateful to have a variety of options breaking up the monotony of going to the boring ol’ gym day after day! One of the latest creative and innovative new ways to get that workout in is to “get your row on” at Row House! They are a boutique fitness concept that is revolutionizing the way people view indoor rowing by giving people of all different shapes, sizes, and abilities an efficient and effective workout. Some of the many benefits rowing boasts include: aerobic exercise, weight loss, strength building, low impact, increased endurance.

The anticipation is building as the lease has now been signed and work will soon begin on the installation of their latest location, represented by LINC Commercial Realty: Stonebridge Village shopping center in McKinney, TX. Located at the corner of Eldorado Pkwy and Stonebridge Dr, this will be a convenient location for fitness enthusiasts in not only McKinney, but East Frisco and Allen!


Stonebridge Village Shopping Center | 7901 Eldorado Pkwy, McKinney TX 75070

We caught up with Tracey Gelling, the owner and developer of the new McKinney location to learn a little about what makes Row House so special. ” Our classes will teach you all you need to know on how to row correctly, we are true to the sport and are inclusive for members to start at any level, we Row in sync leaving no rower behind, everybody has a purpose regardless of your level, so it’s a great workout to do with a friend or partner of any age.”

Row House was founded by the husband and wife team of Eric Von Frohlich and Debra Strougo, and was born out of the couple’s search for a workout that two individuals with varying fitness levels could do together.

Rowing is a full-body, low-impact cardio exercise that builds aerobic endurance and muscular strength all in one workout. With a challenging combination of classes that incorporate resistance training, rowing and stretching, you will get the most out of a Row House workout.

So how does it work? A typical workout experience at Row House will consist of checking in, ideally arriving 15 minutes prior to your class so you can get some water, meet and greet your coach and fellow attendees. Next, your coach will help you to get comfortable on your designated erg (row machine). Then, of course – you guessed it! It’s time for class and to see what you’re made of! Finally, you track your workout performance and stats via their app or an email after class.

As for us here at LINC, we can’t wait to give it a try! And of course we wish the Row House team the best success at this exciting new location!

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