Macy’s New Concept Store Hits DFW

“We’re a gathering place for all that’s good, where brands you love meet fresh faces and local friends — a go-to for shopping with a side of something more. That means finding the joy in the community and discovering new events and experiences together in-store”

In the wake of a shake-up in the retail industry where the customer’s experience, feelings, and opinions dictate the success or failure of the very stores they shop in (or don’t shop in) – Macy’s is taking a swing at winning back their clientele with an interesting new concept.

Opening this week in Southlake, Market by Macy’s is a smaller footprint compared to the traditional Macy’s stores. The merchandise is also finely tuned to the local market and demographics they will be serving than the big-box department stores.

Upon a quick visit to Southlake’s Market by Macy’s website, customers can see a full calendar of exciting and niche upcoming in-store events such as:

  • Customize Everything with the Monogram Club

  • Build Your Own Baules with B. Stellar

  • DIY Buttons and Chocolate Tasting with Truman Wilson

  • Yoga Class with Jennifer Ostman

They also have a coffee shop, called The Herald, perhaps keeping with the ‘local newspaper theme.’ The coffee shop does not come as much of a surprise, as most wise retailers these days do incorporate a full menu of finely curated caffeine to fuel their shoppers.

“A community cafe and event space, where local flavor gathers in good company. Now serving breakfast, lunch, snacks and sips.”

We look forward to visiting this location to see what all it has to offer and are very optimistic to see this concept do well in the Dallas market, as it would be a golden opportunity and a welcome shake-up in the retail commercial real estate market.

Learn more about Market by Macy’s on their website: