The Office of Tomorrow is Being Designed Today

While remote working may be a permanent new normal for some, the traditional office is not disappearing any time soon. What will likely change is how those offices are designed and laid out.

Companies across the country are reconsidering the workspace setup. As workers return to the office, they are confronting a new landscape where space and cleanliness are at a premium.

Take conference rooms for example. Social distance guidelines mean that workers don’t want to be packed around an executive table where germs are easily spread. Instead, smaller collaborative spaces have become more desirable.

The induvial workspace is also undergoing somewhat of a redesign. Collaboration may be the key to many businesses, safety concerns are leading more companies to invest in individual offices, reimagined cubicles, and other precautions.

These coming changes go well beyond just room size and furniture arrangements. Companies are now looking at ways to improve indoor air quality. There’s also a drive to move to more “touchless” technologies that allow people to perform tasks in public areas with less physical touching. The touchless bathroom towel dispensers are just the beginning. Technology may soon make things like light switches and doorknobs obsolete.

While the pandemic will pass, most experts agree that these changes to the office environment will not be as temporary. The experience of the past year has put a spotlight on health and safety. This greater awareness means that people are no longer willing to accept the risks when alternatives are readily available.

Commercial property investors need to have confidence that the properties they utilize meet today’s expectations. That’s where a good commercial realty company comes into play. Successful businesspeople need experts on their side who know not only what’s important today, but what needs to be considered for tomorrow.

The team at LINC Commercial Realty understands today’s business needs. They have their fingers on the pulse of the Dallas Fort Worth market and know what it takes to adapt and excel in this rapidly evolving environment. Contact one of those agents today and see how they can help you take your business to the next level.