The Top DFW Locations for Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Dallas commercial real estate news reports the DFW metroplex market is strong. Commercial real estate investment opportunities are everywhere you look. Unlike many other markets in the US, the DFW commercial property market remains resilient and primed for growth. A recent survey ranked Dallas-Fort Worth first in commercial property investment opportunities out of the ten largest metro areas. [1]

Investments in North Texas real estate have not been stalled by the rising inflation, interest rate increases, and reduced funding affecting most CRE markets nationwide. The CRE investors surveyed point to the state’s business-friendly policies, high-quality living opportunities for a growing population, and increased economic diversification. [2] [3]

This article looks at some of the best areas for commercial real estate investments and the reasons why. It explains the factors driving growth in the area and how they affect CRE opportunities for seasoned CRE investors and beginners.

Why The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Is Thriving

The DFW Metroplex is now the cultural and economic hub of North Texas, boasting the fourth-largest GDP in the country. It’s home to 24 Fortune 500 headquarters and offers savvy investors exciting commercial property deals in a perpetual growth market for retail, office, medical, restaurant, and more.

The DFW area checks the most-important boxes for commercial real estate investors:

  • Consistently high ROI on commercial real estate investments
  • CRE rent growth potential
  • Competitive business costs
  • Industry concentration
  • Growing populations and high quality of life
  • Fast job growth
  • Ample housing and growing infrastructure

There are other local and regional fundamentals for CRE investors to consider. Still, the economic drivers and current growth indicators are robust.

Now let’s review the three top commercial real estate areas within DFW for CRE investment properties.

#1 Dallas Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Dallas has developed into an ultra-modern metropolis, regional commercial capital, and cultural hub. The economic drivers give the city its strong wealth growth that continues to entice companies to move operations into the “third coast” area. Some of its leading industries include finance, energy, transportation, and international trade. Consequently, lucrative Dallas commercial investment opportunities are available throughout the sprawling city.

Why Invest in Dallas, TX CRE?

Job growth has boomed in recent years, providing huge employment opportunities at a comparatively low cost of living. These new openings have attracted a highly educated, qualified workforce and specialized labor to the region with a higher level of discretionary income.

Dallas is attracting more tech-related industries, and with them increased demand for office space. The city is also famous for its tax-friendly regulations and central location for international and national trade. So, Dallas is a wise choice for CRE investors across the board.

The Future of Downtown Dallas and Surrounding Areas

According to the latest demographics update, the population of Dallas proper is on track to double in the next 15 years. 

While such dramatic growth would put many markets into crisis, Dallas is expected to continue thriving due to its logistics, population growth, and high employment that have become the new normal over past years. 

Currently, properties are 5–15% below real estate market value, so CRE buyers have a great opportunity to make big investment moves. The city’s robust growth, modernity, and broad business appeal add to its attraction. Moreover, Dallas has proved itself better positioned to weather economic downturns compared to most major US markets.

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#2 McKinney, Among America’s Top Growing Cities 


Livability 2021 ranked McKinney one of the best places to live and work in the US. Also one of America’s fastest-growing cities, McKinney is a fast-developing Dallas suburb situated less than 10 miles from downtown Dallas. McKinney’s charm for transplants lies in its small-town feel, historic downtown square, and pedestrian-friendly walkways, offering a a touch of rural idyllic lifestyle on the outskirts of a major metropolis. [4]

Why Invest in McKinney, TX?

Many major industries are investing in McKinney. Real estate, construction, science and technology (including green tech), health care, and hospitality are joining a growing list of industries fueling the city’s growth. 

Moreover, McKinney’s workforce and labor demographics skew young and highly educated, meaning it will be a place where high-income earners are landing and planning to stick for life. McKinney offers a business-friendly environment, developed infrastructure, planned upgrades, and a diverse economy. Together these ingredients promise long-term growth and innovation in the decades to come, so there’s no stopping McKinney. [5] [6]

For CRE, McKinney offers plenty of office space, industrial buildings, and parks. At 70% buildout, there’s much room for expansion. Furthermore, redundant utilities offer investors flexible options with most sites. Also worth mentioning is the upcoming commercial planning of District 121. This city is ripe right now with CRE investment opportunities.

The Future of McKinney

In November’s State of the City event, the local government and Chamber of Commerce made a commitment. They pledged to maintain controlled growth with infrastructure upgrades and new community-building efforts. Also, the slate of new investment projects coming down the pipe predicts a vibrant future for both city and expanding regional development. [7]

#3 Prosper, TX, Primed for Commercial Expansion

Beautiful Prosper is a peaceful suburban town within the DFW metropolitan area, just north of McKinney. In addition to McKinney, Prosper borders established zones of high commercial economic growth, like Dallas and Frisco. 

Prosper is now a highly desirable area to live and work in, with plenty of residential and business growth as the DFW Metroplex continues developing and expanding North. Despite its tranquility, the town enjoys a fast, sustained annual growth rate from commuter relocation. In the past ten years alone, there has been a 200% increase in local development.

Why Invest in Prosper, TX?

Prosper is an affluent area of primarily middle-class families with high discretionary income. That makes the town ideally suited for retail growth and other CRE opportunities. Along with its fast-growing community, the town boasts a robust pro-business mindset. As a result, it’s home to a wide range of thriving industries, job opportunities, and a growing population of people to fill them. Its diverse labor pool consists of 1.75 million workers within a 25-mile radius.

The Future of Prosper

Prosper has become one of North Texas’s landmarks of fast growth. That’s quite an achievement considering the town didn’t have a single stoplight in 2000. Despite this growth, there are CRE opportunities downtown with land that remains vacant or underutilized, but that’s all about to change. Prosper town leaders are working hard to expand major roadways and other development projects. So the future of this small town is one of unprecedented growth. [8]

Unlock the Potential of DFW Commercial Real Estate Investing

The Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex is a high-performing economy with no signs of a slowdown any time soon. Metroplex lcoations like Dallas, McKinney, and Prosper boast exponential job growth and consistent growth opportunity shielded against the worst of potential economic downturns. 

This pro-business mindset continues to attract more business in diverse industries, providing renewing opportunities for commercial property investors across all sectors.

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